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"All access, all the time." That's the mantra everyone seems to be adopting these days, and you've likely grown accustomed to this kind of service too. You want to make reservations at 3am for that trip to Tahiti? Call the 24/7 telephone reservation system. You want to pay your electric bill 3 minutes before they shut off your service? Access the city's online payment center from your laptop while sitting at your favorite coffee shop.

Certainly it shouldn't be any different when you want to access your own digital documents, photos, and audio files, right? Well, if you keep your important files in multiple locations on multiple electronic devices, then the "All access, all the time" concept may not be a reality for you yet. But all that can change. Think O-File.

Sign up today for O-File's online storage and sharing service and start creating a central repository for all of your digital files. You'll have complete control of your account and will be able to access, organize, share, and archive the data you need-- from wherever, whenever. And since everything is stored in an online environment, you don't have to download special software or be close to specific devices. You need only the Internet, your preferred browser, and your O-File password.

O-File is secure; it's economical; it's the key to your digital world.


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