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O-File Benefit Value Statement

Why use O-File for my online file storage?

Why should I upload my digital files onto a remote storage facility? Of what benefit do I derive from taking such action?

Archiving Purpose
You can increase the life of your computer! Problems caused by overloading your computer with files are greatly diminished.

By taking such action one delays the need to buy a new computer or prevents the need to fix an old one or eliminates the need to add supplemental parts such as disk drives or memory.

By increasing the life of your computer, you benefit by keeping your money for a longer period of time or from ever having to spend it on repairs or upgrades. Preventing a hardware problem is more valuable than spending money on solving it.

You derive financial benefit by uploading your files onto O-File.

Backing-Up Purpose
You can decrease the likelihood of losing important files permanently!  There are many ways you can lose digital files forever, whether it is due to operator error, online viruses, accidents or just plain equipment failure.

By taking such action one reduces the negative effects of disasters and the consequences it brings. The need to recover lost files that have been backed up is eliminated. Special disaster recovery services can be avoided or minimized. Excessive worry over an uncontrolled predicament is preempted.

By decreasing the likelihood of losing files permanently, you benefit by minimizing the costs of disaster recovery and avoiding the emotional distress caused by lost files. Priceless files, such as photos capturing moments in time that can never be recreated, need to be managed proactively. Preventing their loss is invaluable.

You derive financial benefit, preservation of digital property and peace of mind by uploading your files onto O-File.

Accessing Purpose
You can increase the availability of your files! No longer are you bound by a single computer having sole custody of files that are needed elsewhere.

By taking such action one allows for greater use of files when not at a primary or originating computer. Convenient access to files that are needed to meet an objective creates greater effectiveness on one's part.

By increasing the availability of your files, you benefit by making them more useful when they are needed for some endeavor. In turn, you increase your worth by being more capable of and more effective by making those files available for use.

You derive digital property benefits as well as personal benefits by uploading your files onto O-File.

File Transferring and Sharing Purpose
You can improve the way files are routinely sent! Escape the inconvenience and constraint of e-mail based delivery of your files. With simplicity, you can dispatch any assortment of files free of the limitations of your e-mail service and computer system environment. There is no need to consider complex and costly FTP technology.

By taking such action one sheds the mechanics of attaching files to e-mails and then sending it, avoids the policies imposed by e-mail service providers and overcomes the practical limitations of Internet connections. Any and all files can be shared with as many recipients as desired. One's computer and Internet connection stops acting as a file transfer server and can be used for other uses.

By improving the way files are routinely sent, you benefit by making it easier, more efficient and more likely to share files. You reclaim your computer and Internet connection as yours and not the proxy functional slave of the Internet infrastructure.

You derive functional benefits, technology resource benefits, ease of use, and better control of your digital assets by uploading your files onto O-File.

The benefit from using O-File's remote storage facility for any one purpose makes for a rewarding reason to use such a utility. The combined sum of benefits from using O-File for all of the purposes it serves makes it compelling.


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