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Here's a novel idea for you music lovers out there. What if you didn't have to ransack your car in a desperate search for that limited edition Prince CD that your mom gave you? What if you didn't have to buy obnoxiously large containers to store, organize, and transport your 300+ cassette tape/record/8-track/CD collection? What if you didn't have take up valuable disk space on your PC with all of your downloaded digital music files?

Think O-File. With O-File's online storage service, you can become the music aficionado you've always wanted to be. In just a few easy steps, you can upload all of your digital music files into O-File folders, categorize your collection by artist, genre, or song, and store your music in a central off-site location that you can access anywhere, anytime via the Internet and your browser of choice!

Now, when that record producer comes knocking on your door, you'll be able to access your O-File music collection and find that demo song in a matter of seconds. Plus, whenever you feel like it, you can download and take your favorite music on the road with you.

The O-File online storage service is a fun, stable, and affordable way to grow and keep track of your collection. It'll bring music to your ears! Think O-File.


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