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OK! You've made it to the 21st century, right? You've thrown away that ancient, film camera, circa 1982, and you realize that you no longer have the overwhelming desire to print 8x7" glossies that are stored under your bed. You've purchased a top-of-the-line digital camera, and now you're THE photographer extraordinaire-snapping shots at every event you attend.

But, all of those great digital images are filling up your camera's memory card. You certainly don't want to risk losing the "evidence" from last year's rambunctious holiday parties, and you know want to share those awe-inspiring shots from your recent trip to Fiji. So, what do you do?

Think O-File. It is THE photo album of the 21st century! No more worrying about taking up valuable disk space on your PC or risking a computer crash and losing all of those irreplaceable digital photos. No more sending unnecessary emails with multiple photo attachments to your friends and family. O-File's online storage and sharing service allows you to save and organize all of your precious digital moments in one location. You can even invite your pals and relatives to view your pics using any standard browser-based Internet device, any time you want!

O-File offers you the security you need and the convenience you want in an online storage and sharing service. It really is as simple as saying cheese!


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