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Even though computers are changing the way we interact socially, you are still human. You still want to connect with family and friends, and you know that one of the best ways to do that is to share parts of your life with them. After all, just because your best friend from seventh grade lives half way around the world doesn't mean she wouldn't want to see those outrageous photos from your 10-year high school reunion. And as the unofficial videographer for all your family functions, you surely want a safe place to store those digital images for the generations to come, right?

So, what if there was a service available that allowed you to upload all of your digital files to a central repository, and you could invite your friends, family, and coworkers to this virtual environment so that they could reminisce with you? Think O-File.

With an O-File account, you and the important people in your life can access your documents, photos, and audio files from any standard browser-based Internet device-anywhere, anytime-as long as the proper permissions are granted. O-File creates a secure, affordable, and convenient portal for all of your treasured digital assets. It's accessible; it's user-friendly; it's your 21st century relationship builder.


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