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O-File for File Storage

Remote, accessible repository for your valuable digital assets

Space. It's vast and infinite, right? Not in this world. Every year, you acquire more and more STUFF, and there's increasingly nowhere to put it! Luckily technology is helping. Now, instead of collecting piles of CDs, printed photos, and folders full of personal documents, your computer and other neat electronic gadgets store this data. No problem, right?

Not quite. When you rely on this equipment for storage, space is still limited. Sooner or later, you'll get that dreaded message that your hard drive or folder is full and you have to make room for the new files! That's equivalent to asking you to throw out the t-shirt you've had since high school! You also run the risk of losing important digital files when those devices wear out or get corrupted. That's a scary notion!

So what's the answer? Can you ever get enough secure storage space for all the digital files you need for your life? Is there a service available that will allow you to access and organize your files easily? Think O-File.

O-File is the virtual storage solution you've been looking for. Because this is a web-based service that you can access via the Internet and your favorite browser, you don't have to worry about taking up valuable disk space on your PC or risking a computer crash. Your digital files will be stored in an off-site, password protected location, and when you need to increase the amount of space you have, you can simply upgrade to a different plan!

O-File's online storage and sharing service is practical and economical, and it offers you room to grow in a tight fitting world.


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