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O-File for File Transfer

Better than FTP. Easy and user-friendly.

If you are familiar with FTP, or File Transfer Protocol, you know it is a cumbersome and confusing way to move files from one computer to another. There must be a better way, right? Think O-File.

Our system essentially accomplishes the same task that traditional FTP programs accomplish but in a friendlier, more intuitive way. Unlike traditional FTP methods, O-File eliminates the need for the sender or the recipient to install any software on their computer. It also eliminates the need for the sender to host an FTP "site". When you use O-File to transfer files, we manage all that server "stuff" for you. Just setup an account, login, and use your internet browser to upload and send any type of files. Your recipient can simply access O-File and download your files designated for transfer.

Thinking about using email to send those large files? Better not. Most email programs have size limitations of e-mail attachments. And with spam filters, you can never be sure your email gets there. With O-file, we hold that large file in your own repository where you can allow recipients to access and download the file. A successful transfer every time!



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