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O-File for File Viewing and File Playing

View ANY document type with O-File's Universal File Viewer

O-File solves the problem of not being able to see or play incompatible file formats, those files that are absent their requisite client software. “OpenScope” is O-File’s content viewer/player. It allows for viewing and playing most file formats using any standard web browser.

Nothing is more aggravating than living through that helpless moment when your screen tells you the file you chose “cannot be opened”. How often have you been confounded by the inability to see a document or watch a presentation? Perhaps you simply want to see a photo file or play a sound file sent to you. You couldn’t open it because you didn’t have the software or correct version of it running on your system. Or maybe your system just didn’t have enough memory to hold such software.

This is a growing problem. It happens all the time. This is a natural phenomenon that occurs when the conventional use of a process reaches critical mass. Digital technology has reached that point. It’s only going to get worse. It’s a problem we are forced to deal with going forward. O-File has a solution.

With “OpenScope”, O-File gives you the ability to view most printable files and play most media files without the need to buy and install any proprietary application software. Files are displayed through your browser, directly from our remote server “in the cloud”. O-File converts your files into a browser readable format. You avoid spending time and money trying to make your system conform to file formatting conventions. Remember, the file is supposed to serve you with a benefit, not the other way around.

O-File offers two levels of file viewing service. A limited collection of file types are available through our “Standard” plans. This includes our free “Provisional” plan. So you can test out “OpenScope” at no risk. Our “Premium” plans include our entire collection of file types for conversion and viewing. This includes the medical “DICOM” file format. Over 100 file extensions are supported with this level of service.

O-File makes your digital files more valuable.


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